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Get more time to file with Forms 7004, 4868, 8868 or 8809

ExpressExtension makes e-filing your personal, business or exempt organization extensions quick and easy. Although ExpressExtension helps you extend your time to file your return, you are still required to pay any taxes owed by the tax deadline.

Form 7004

You can E-file Form 7004 and save a lot of time and be able to quickly confirm that your extension form reached the IRS when you file 7004 online through ExpressExtension.

Also, if your Form 7004 is rejected, you can easily correct the error and transmit it without any additional cost.

Form 4868

For individuals who need to file 4868 can E-file form 4868 by April 15 for 6 months extension of time to file their income tax return. Form 4868 to file their income tax return. Form 4868 can be used whether you file your taxes single or jointly.

You can file 4868 online with ExpressExtension and instant IRS approval.

Form 8868

Tax exempt organizations can e-file Form 8868 Part I for an automatic 3 month extension of time to file, as well as Part II for an additional, non-automatic 3 month extension. That's 6 extra months! The deadline to e-file Form 8868 depends on your organization's fiscal year; calendar year filers will need to file by May 15.

Form 8809

Whether you're hard pressed for time, you're just showing precaution—e-filing Form 8809 is your best bet. In just a few minutes, you are granted an automatic 30-day extension to file your 1099s, W-2s, or ACA 1095 forms!

Tax Extension Apps

Get more time to file your tax extension no matter where you are with a tablet or smartphone! Express 7004, Express 4868, and Express 8868 are the free ExpressExtension apps for iOS and Android devices. Our site is also fully accessible through a mobile browser!

Why Tax Extensions?

Taxes are unavoidable. However, it is possble to delay your fling due date by filing an IRS income tax extension form with us here at ExpressExtension. We like to simplify the tax filing process, so there's no confusing tax jargon to decipher. Simply answer our straightforward questions, and our easy-to-navigate web app will help you e-file. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes! We'll send you an email confirmation of your extension's acceptance or rejection, which the IRS doesn't guarantee if you paper file. If you are rejected for any reason, you can correct and resubmit your form through ExpressExtension at no additional cost!

Our Rock Hill, SC based customer support team is always happy to assist you with any questions you might have about filing extension Forms 7004, 4868, or 8868.

Get more time to file with ExpressExtension! File an Extension Now!

ExpressExtension supports the following forms.

  • Form 7004 for Business tax extensions
  • Form 4868 for Personal tax extensions
  • Form 8868 for Exempt organization tax extensions