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Our Company

Founded in the small, historic town of Rock Hill, South Carolina, ExpressTaxZone has rolled out a number of market leading products, ranging from business management apps to online marketplaces. We’re not afraid to forge new paths in pursuit of cutting edge solutions. As the industry leader in e-filing technology, we strive to constantly provide users with the easiest and fastest ways to get their taxes done.

ExpressTaxZone was created by the innovators at SPAN Enterprises with the goal of giving tax filers the simplest and most secure e-filing solutions around.

Our Core Values


While we could have stopped at ExpressTruckTax, we realized our e-filing expertise would be best used to help any industry we can. So we’ve committed ourselves to discovering new avenues where we can expand our e-filing knowledge.

IRS Approved

As an IRS authorized e-file provider, we've worked closely with the IRS to provide you with a safe, secure, and accurate process to save you both time and money.


Our technical and support teams are the most experienced in the industry. With decades of combined experience, you know our products are second to none!


We take every possible step to make sure our products are safe and secure. All of our sites are encrypted with Comodo HackerSafe certification and protected by SSL/TLS AES 256 bit Encryption SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Long story short—your information goes directly to the IRS/SSA and no one else.

Live, Local People

You have questions, and we have a dedicated customer support staff ready to answer your calls. You won’t find yourself dealing with an automated system when you use an ExpressTaxZone product.

The Right Price

We know we're not the only ones providing this service, but we do know we're the only ones doing it at this price with this level of quality. You won't find a better combination of tax savvy professionalism and value-based pricing anywhere else.

We strive to create applications that make taxes… well, less taxing.
That means faster filing, easier software, and more savings for you.

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