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Privacy Policy

Privacy of Personal and Tax Return Information

We at SPAN Enterprises, LLC, owners and operators of ExpressTaxZone (hereinafter referred to as ExpressTaxZone, which represents ExpressTruckTax, ExpressExtension, ExpressIFTA, Tax990, ExpressIRSForms, ExpressACAForms, ACAwise, TaxBandits and Express e-File), believe it is of the utmost importance to respect and protect the privacy of all our customers. We want you to feel comfortable and confident when using our products and services, and we’ve taken every step possible to ensure our software and websites are safe and secure.

SPAN’s Privacy Policy applies to ExpressTaxZone customers with active and inactive accounts as well as any potential customers and other site visitors. Our websites and blogs may contain links to sites maintained by entities other than SPAN Enterprises. SPAN’s Privacy Policy does not reflect the privacy practices or policies of those other sites.

Information Collected

We do not sell or rent your personal information to anyone for promotional or marketing purposes, however we may collect personal information about you from the following categories and sources in order to complete your IRS return(s):

  • Information provided when you create an account or request services or information from us, such as name, address, email address, phone number, and payment information. The only reason we request your phone number is to communicate the status of your return filed with the IRS through a text message.
  • Information provided through user feedback, community discussions, chats, and other interactions, such as surveys, through our sites.
  • Information provided when administering technical or customer support for you to prepare your tax return or for other services.
  • Information provided by your system as you interact with our site(s), such as your IP address and browser information.

Information Use

ExpressTaxZone uses your information primarily to provide you with a personalized Internet or mobile application e-filing experience that delivers the resources, services, and information most relevant and helpful to our users. We do not share any customer information provided with others unless explicitly stated in this Privacy Policy or when required by law.

As part of the tax filing process, the IRS and State Tax agencies require ExpressTaxZone to request the email address of the person electronically filing a tax return. If an email address is collected, it is provided by ExpressTaxZone to only the appropriate IRS/State Tax agencies. As a method for detecting fraud in connection with e-filing, the IRS also requires ExpressTaxZone to provide the Internet Protocol information (IP address) of the computer from which the return originated.

Privacy Protection

SPAN Enterprises ensures all ExpressTaxZone sites and software are equipped with the most up-to-date security measures to protect the privacy of our customers. All ExpressTaxZone products are IRS-authorized hosts for e-filing the tax forms and information returns they support. ExpressTaxZone has also implemented commercially appropriate means to protect the integrity of each site and software to limit access to customers’ personal information. These means - which include Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, restricted access to and monitoring of data storage, and intrusion detection and virus protection software - protect customer information retained in secure accounts on each website as well as during transmission of information to the IRS and State Tax agencies.

While SPAN Enterprises works diligently to ensure the utmost security and privacy for our ExpressTaxZone customers, we cannot provide an absolute guarantee against, nor be held liable for, any breaches of data security due to unauthorized access by third parties or system failures. In the event of a security breach, or if ExpressTaxZone has reason to believe customer privacy has been compromised, ExpressTaxZone will take steps to alert owners of the compromised account(s) as soon as possible.

User ID and Password Security

You are the only person authorized to use and responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your user ID and password. You shall not permit or allow other persons to have access to or use your user ID and password except if you choose to provide that information to ExpressTaxZone’s authorized technical support personnel to assist you. You are responsible for the use of the ExpressTaxZone software under your user ID. ExpressTaxZone will not disclose your password if you lose or forget it. If you have not electronically filed or printed your tax return, you must create a user ID and password in order to access your tax data at a later date. You must remember your user ID and password to electronically transfer your tax return for the following year should you choose to use the software again. ExpressTaxZone has the right to remove your information from the system after an excessive absence or lapse in use of the software.

Support and Feedback

  • ExpressTaxZone uses a variety of methods - email, phone, and chat - to provide technical and customer support for our software and services. The terms and conditions governing these support options is subject to change as announced by ExpressTaxZone. Consult the respective product’s Help and Support page for the most current information relating to this support. Our support methods are secure and, in the cases of online chat and email, encrypted, however precautions should still be taken by customers to safeguard private information. Only information necessary to resolve the support issue should be shared.
  • ExpressTaxZone may provide a mechanism to provide feedback, suggestions, and ideas about our online products and services (“Feedback”). Customers agree that ExpressTaxZone may, in our sole discretion, use the Feedback provided in any way, including in future modifications of the software, marketing, or advertising promotional materials, including multimedia and social media works. When providing Feedback, customers grant ExpressTaxZone perpetual, worldwide, fully transferable, irrevocable, and royalty-free license to use, reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, distribute, and display the Feedback in any manner for any purpose.

Changes to our Privacy Statement

If we make a material change to this Privacy Policy, customers will be notified by one of the following methods: a notice posted on the main website describing the change(s) or email notification of the change(s).


You can contact SPAN Enterprises, LLC by phone at 704.234.7120 if you have a question or concern about any product or service we sell online. You can also mail questions or concerns to Customer Support, SPAN Enterprises LLC, 2685 Celanese Road, Suite 100 Rock Hill, SC 29732.