IRS Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290

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What is Form 2290?

IRS Form 2290 heavy vehicle use tax must be filed each year for all taxable highway vehicles that are registered, or required to be registered, in your name under state, district of columbia, canadian, or mexican law.

Purpose of Filing Form 2290

The purpose of filing Form 2290 is to pay a specific highway tax so you can receive your stamped Schedule 1. An updated stamped Schedule 1 is usually required by any company you are leased on with, and it is required by the DMV to update your tags every year. E-filing Form 2290 with ExpressTruckTax is the fastest way to receive your stamped Schedule 1. It only takes a few minutes to e-file and as soon as your return is accepted by the IRS, you are sent your stamped Schedule 1 via email.

Who needs to file Form 2290?

There are a few requirements that will determine if you need to file Form 2290. The main one is if you operate a taxable highway motor vehicle that is registered, or required to be registered, in your name under state, District of Columbia, Canadian, or Mexican law at the time of its first use during the tax period, you must file Form 2290. Another requirement is the vehicle you operate must have a gross weight of 55,000 pounds (this is the weight of the truck + a fully loaded trailer) or greater in order to file. If you have any questions about the requirements to file Form 2290, contact the ExpressTruckTax Support Team at 704.234.6005.

How to receive proof of payment when e-filing Form 2290?

The stamped schedule 1 that is received when your form 2290 is accepted by the irs serves as your proof of payment. if you need something more substantial with the actual amount of tax you paid to serve as a receipt for record keeping or audit purposes, you can simply send, or download/print, the complete Form 2290. The complete Form 2290 will include your vehicle information, tax amount paid, and your stamped Schedule 1

What are Form 2290 Amendments?

Form 2290 Amendments are tax returns that can be filed to amend your 2290 return. there are three different types of 2290 amendments taxable gross weight increase, suspended vehicle exceeding mileage use limit, and vin correction. expresstrucktax provides easy e-filing of all three 2290 amendments.

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You can even know your tax payment before you file using our form 2290 tax calculator app - available for free on all iOS and Android devices.

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